Music Monday

This song is an important one, that we all need to hear right now. As I was picking a song to breakdown this week, this one came up. The timing could not be more perfect, because of everything that is taking place in our country as we speak and as I write this. Racism has... Continue Reading →

Music Monday

  The first time I heard this song from the Newsboys was at one of their concerts. Their music heard in person is such a unique experience. When I was there,  I was singing along to all the familiar songs I listened to in my car, but then they started to sing this song I... Continue Reading →

Music Monday: One Awkward Moment

   One Awkward Moment by Casting Crowns As I was on Pandora listening to my worship music, I usually repeat my favorites on a loop, but a new song came on that I did not recognize. I almost skipped it but the title caught my attention. So, I left it on and it stopped me... Continue Reading →

The Biggest Lie Ever

  “I feel so much shame and guilt over that night…” “God doesn’t want to hear from me…” I feel like I have sinned too much for God to forgive me anymore…”   Have you ever had any of these thoughts run through your mind? If you have, you are definitely not alone. These three... Continue Reading →

Music Monday: I Know

  Music Monday’s Song: I Know by Big Daddy Weave   I recently heard this song for the first time and I fell in love with it. The lyrics are so moving and I feel its true to the different emotions and seasons that people walk through in life. There are ups and downs to... Continue Reading →

Eyes on Eternity

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things -Colossians 3:2 This verse has been on my heart a lot lately and coming up in different devotionals and videos I have been watching. Whenever a verse or faith topic come up a lot, I believe God is trying to get your attention. I believe... Continue Reading →

What do you let define you?

  In todays society, it is so easy to let the worldly titles, what other people think of you, and the wrong things define you and your self worth. So my question is, what do you let define you? People define you by what kind of job you have, the degree or number of degrees you... Continue Reading →

For Kobe and Gigi

I know the past few weeks have been a dark and difficult time for many, especially Kobe's wife and family and the other passengers families on board the helicopter that sadly went down. I know, personally, I have mourned the passing of Kobe and Gigi to the fullest. My heart has been very heavy for... Continue Reading →

Part Two: Strength in Our Scars

Part Two: The next step in properly seeing and diagnosing me with Diabetes Insipidus was a 12 hour deprivation test in Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital. So, my Mom, Dad, and sister brought me to check in to the hospital for the test, but my mom was the one who stayed with me during the duration of... Continue Reading →

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