You are a Miracle

  Miracle. What a beautiful word that holds so much gravity and depth. A miracle is not something that happens by chance but rather a remarkable or exceptional occurrence which brought an undeniable sense of the presence and power of who God is. I think witnessing miracles and experiencing them personally, creates a deepened faith... Continue Reading →

Music Monday

Revolutionary by Josh Wilson When I first heard this song, I thought that this song needs to be heard by every human being on this planet. The message is just gold and if we all would think this way and be challenged by this ONE song, this world we would be a different place.  The... Continue Reading →

Music Monday

By: Chris Tomlin Ft. Raelynn I very recently heard this song for the first time and it could not have felt more timely for me to hear it. It is so relatable and I can definitely say these lyrics line up with how I’ve been feeling. I feel everyone will be able to relate to... Continue Reading →

Overwhelmed…in the best way

Overwhelmed My word for 2020. But don’t let that word fool you. Yes it sounds negative at first and yes, this year has been overwhelming and hard in really tough ways. Not just from the uncertainty of this global pandemic and division within people, but personally through things I have walked through. And I know... Continue Reading →

The Healing at the Pool

I love that Jesus is a rule breaker. He did not care so much about the rules of “society” when he lived here on earth. Instead he lived by love and that love had no lines or boundaries. Jesus loves people more than anything. And more amazing than that, He doesn’t just love a certain... Continue Reading →

Music Monday

This song paints such a beautiful picture of who Jesus is to me.  When I was first listened to it, I found myself so emotional over it. I felt like if I were to write a song about Jesus and who He is to me, this is exactly the song I would write. It is... Continue Reading →

Relationship over Religion

I have never liked the word religion. I know that may sound weird to someone reading this because this is a blog that is all about God. But to me, I do not think of believing in God as a religion. Yes, christianity is a religion, but it is so much more than that.. I... Continue Reading →

Music Monday

This song is an important one, that we all need to hear right now. As I was picking a song to breakdown this week, this one came up. The timing could not be more perfect, because of everything that is taking place in our country as we speak and as I write this. Racism has... Continue Reading →

Music Monday

  The first time I heard this song from the Newsboys was at one of their concerts. Their music heard in person is such a unique experience. When I was there,  I was singing along to all the familiar songs I listened to in my car, but then they started to sing this song I... Continue Reading →

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