What do you let define you?

  In todays society, it is so easy to let the worldly titles, what other people think of you, and the wrong things define you and your self worth. So my question is, what do you let define you? People define you by what kind of job you have, the degree or number of degrees you... Continue Reading →

For Kobe and Gigi

I know the past few weeks have been a dark and difficult time for many, especially Kobe's wife and family and the other passengers families on board the helicopter that sadly went down. I know, personally, I have mourned the passing of Kobe and Gigi to the fullest. My heart has been very heavy for... Continue Reading →

Part Two: Strength in Our Scars

Part Two: The next step in properly seeing and diagnosing me with Diabetes Insipidus was a 12 hour deprivation test in Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital. So, my Mom, Dad, and sister brought me to check in to the hospital for the test, but my mom was the one who stayed with me during the duration of... Continue Reading →

Peace in Confusion

  When you are joyful and going through amazing seasons in your life, you feel like you are standing on the mountain tops. But life isn't always like that. We live in a world that measures our worth and success in a very narrow way. It can leave us feeling like we never measure up,... Continue Reading →

Music Monday: Come to the Table

  Music Monday's Song: Come to the Table by Sidewalk Prophets This song by Sidewalk Prophets paints a beautiful picture of who Jesus is and what grace really means. I feel this song shows you what being saved by Jesus really means, how Jesus views all of us, and what Christianity truly, truly is. Unfortunately,... Continue Reading →

Music Monday: God Only Knows

This weeks song: God Only Knows by: For King & Country I love this song because I love what it represents and the main message in it. Which is, that when we feel no one recognizes us, God does. God sees us and walks with us through it all. He is our constant through every... Continue Reading →

Broken Hallelujah

 Disclaimer: I have not spoken about this time much in my life. Not even with my closest loved ones. That is how much heartbreak came from this time in my life.. So, putting this one out to the world, is difficult but this part of my life I know is just a small part of my... Continue Reading →

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