Made from Love


Love. What a powerful emotion love is.

There are all kinds of love and they are very different from each other. Experiencing love from a wife or husband is a special kind of love I am blessed and lucky enough to say I have. From the world’s point of view and culture, so many people say, “marriage is so hard”, with a defeated look on their face and sad tone in their voice. But to me, marriage is a blessing. To say marriage is hard as a whole is playing right into ordinary culture and not being intentional in our relationships like God calls us to be. God calls us to look different than the world and that includes in marriage. Yes, challenges can arise and disagreements may happen but if love is the foundation of your life, there is nothing love cannot overcome.

I remember when my fiancee and I were engaged, I got this new job and 3 weeks later I ended up leaving the job. I felt like a failure. There were many variables to it but I felt like my boss was so harsh with the employees, I never had a break and was constantly on my feet. It was wearing on me and I came home in tears feeling like a failure because I had just started and did not want to disappoint my fiancee. As I was feeling this way, I was nervous to open up to him but he sat there and listened and all I saw was love in his eyes for me. He told me if this job is making you sad and anxious like this, you do not need to go back. I remember in that moment a weight lifted off a me. But more than that, what I saw in my husband to be was my Heavenly Father through him. Throughout our whole relationship, he has been that for me and more. I see God in my husband every single day, with how he speaks, how he acts, and how he prays for me on a daily basis. He never shames me and has this unconditional love for me that I know my Father in heaven has too. That moment I’ll never forget. I felt love just radiating from him and it was a love I knew would go the distance. It my moments of shame or just feeling judgmental of myself, he shows me the opposite back.  I feel like God gave me him for so many reasons, but as a representation of such a strong and pure love from heaven. Of course God’s love is even stronger for me and we all make human mistakes but seeing the consistency in love from my husband each and every day makes me glad to be alive and to experience such a raw, true love.

Having a love that is true is all because of God. God is love and we get to experience that here on this earth because of God first. We were made in His image and made from love. What a beautiful thought. God teaches me how to love my husband and all my loved ones well. I believe it’s learning to love like God is how we will be able to make our marriages stronger and relationships stronger as well. I am just reminded in those moments like I shared that God is within us because we are literally stitched together in the womb by His love and what a blessing it is to experience that in another human being.

The verse of the week is based on love and how love is the most important thing we can have in our hearts and lives. If you have talents, money and things that may be good but it all means nothing if you don’t have love. God is love and He calls you beloved. He wants to enrich your life and show you His beautiful unconditional love today.

I hope the verse of the week encourages you to meditate on love and how and where you can love deeper in your life.

All for Jesus,


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  1. Beautiful from beginning to end! What a blessing it is to share and have such a loving and special bond with your husband. God continue to bless you two with a wonderful life together. And so thankful that we share the greatest gift and blessing of all, Jesus Christ. Makes me instantly think of John 3:16. Always look forward to your posts ♥️

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