Hope does not go to waste

I was looking back the other day to a recent time I was hoping strongly for God to answer a prayer. And day after day and month after month went by and that prayer is still sitting in the queue in heaven.. But as I thought about it, I am so glad I never lost... Continue Reading →

Made from Love

Love. What a powerful emotion love is. There are all kinds of love and they are very different from each other. Experiencing love from a wife or husband is a special kind of love I am blessed and lucky enough to say I have. From the world's point of view and culture, so many people... Continue Reading →

Gratitude changes everything

I love quotes and have always loved looking through quotes since I was really young. I came across this short quote a while ago and it is very common: gratitude changes everything. I feel like this quote rings so true. While it is only three words, it truly has so much meaning and depth to... Continue Reading →

Music Monday

    This song is from my favorite band, For King and Country. All of their songs are unique and their messages can truly touch you in their songs. When I need a pick me up, I usually will listen to one of their songs. This song has been my go to this year. I... Continue Reading →

Music Monday

      Sometimes living in the world we live in isn't always easy. A culture that is all about the number of followers you have on social media and tapping into the latest trends so you can be in the "in crowd".  And even when you feel just a little bit different, it can... Continue Reading →

Music Monday

    When I first heard this song, I felt like it was for me. That has happened a lot during the years with this beautiful music. You hear a song right at the exact moment and time when you need it the most. God is pretty incredible that way, isn't He? It has been... Continue Reading →

Music Monday

Broken Things by Matthew West   When I first heard this song, it truly helped me. I was believing an awful lie and it helped break that lie in half, so it did not have power over me anymore. I was living in shame and strong condemnation. I believed I had done too many wrongs... Continue Reading →

The true meaning of Easter

  “Silly rabbit, Easter is for Jesus!” Easter is my favorite holiday and time of year. Winter has ended, the birds start to chirp, and signs of spring and new life are all around us. It is the perfect time to celebrate Easter because it symbolizes the true meaning of Easter and the historic and... Continue Reading →

Music Monday

  Do we really know how much God loves us? I don't think we could ever fathom how much on this side of heaven. God wants us to know every second of our life how much he loves us, but we will not feel or see that completely until we are home with Him. It... Continue Reading →

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