It’s all about connection

  So many times I walk into prayer seeking so much.    Seeking answers. Seeking comfort. Seeking a fix to whatever issue I am facing big or small.   I think it is normal for us to seek Him for those answers and comfort for what we walk through in life. But something I don’t... Continue Reading →

Music Monday

From a worldly perspective and in our current culture, Jesus has untrue stigmas and opinions around his name. A lot of people think that He is cruel, a myth, all he does is judge everyone with a stink eye and His name is often used as a swear word, sadly. But all those cultural opinions... Continue Reading →

Love conquers all

This isn’t easy to admit but anxiety has always been a stronghold in my life. I have woken up in the middle of the night and have had panic attacks and have struggled with mental health issues since I was a teenager. A time in life where it should have been carefree and fun, turned... Continue Reading →


Forever.  Have you ever stopped and really thought about that word? We have all heard it and it is a common word we have all said in some context. I have always loved words. Well, obviously. My deep love of words led me here. I like to meditate on words and look up the exact... Continue Reading →

Hope does not go to waste

I was looking back the other day to a recent time I was hoping strongly for God to answer a prayer. And day after day and month after month went by and that prayer is still sitting in the queue in heaven.. But as I thought about it, I am so glad I never lost... Continue Reading →

Made from Love

Love. What a powerful emotion love is. There are all kinds of love and they are very different from each other. Experiencing love from a wife or husband is a special kind of love I am blessed and lucky enough to say I have. From the world's point of view and culture, so many people... Continue Reading →

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