Welcome to “Verse of the Week”

Verse of the week edited

Happy Tuesday!

I added a new weekly segment on my blog and I thought I would write something about it, even though it is pretty self explanatory. I am posting a new verse every week and you can find it on my menu bar titled, “verse of the week.” I also thought I would write a short paragraph on the verse from my perspective and encouragement.

Sometimes we can be reading God’s word and get confused about what a verse means or just read it so fast that we don’t sit and meditate on it like God wants us to do. The word is alive and powerful. God can communicate different messages through the same verses we read everyday. He can use the same verse for two totally different people, in different seasons and can use it to help them and to tell them something different that applies to their life. I think that is so cool and amazing of God.

I hope that the verses encourage you each week and maybe my perspective can shed light on some verses that are not as clear as others. Either way, I hope it draws you closer to God and helps you feel His presence through His beautiful word.

The verse of the week is from Genesis 50:20:

“You intended me harm, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives..”

Joseph was talking to his brothers, the ones that were jealous, threw him in a pit and started the chain of difficult events for Joseph’s life. Joseph went through many trials but I love this verse because it highlights what God can do in our lives through pain and trials that we face. Joseph faced so many obstacles but God had a bigger plan in mind. I love how God used people in the old testament that were not of high status or faced so much uncertainty through their circumstances, but those were the people that He used mightily and had great plans for them. This verse gives me so much hope and peace that whatever I am facing and whatever I have been through, that God is going to use it all for good and maybe even something bigger than I can imagine. The enemy may intend you harm but God will always use our pain for good. It is one of his perfect promises He gives us in our lifetime.

I hope that you meditate on this verse and even read Joseph’s story in Genesis if you are not familiar with it. It truly always helps me through my own trials I face. I hope it encourages you and pray it gives you peace as you walk through things in your own life. God is bigger and more lovely than we can ever imagine with our earthly minds. He will turn your pain around if you just believe.

Hope you are encouraged through my new “Verse of the week” and hope you have an amazing rest of the week!

All for Jesus,


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