Hope does not go to waste

I was looking back the other day to a recent time I was hoping strongly for God to answer a prayer. And day after day and month after month went by and that prayer is still sitting in the queue in heaven..

But as I thought about it, I am so glad I never lost that hope. Even if my prayer still remains unanswered…

My hope remained strong and still does. That expectant spirit is what I always want to strive to posses. Some days can be hard, especially when there are unknowns and unanswered questions. Sometimes the questions can pile up like a stack of old newspapers. And it is natural to wonder and have questions. It is ok to have questions but what I am finding out is not to get lost in those questions. Get lost in God’s promises instead. 

The joyful hope you had and have does not go unnoticed by God. God saw you through all those hard days pressing on and seeking Him. I believe even if he did not answer that prayer you prayed, there is still so much good that hope is still doing. 

That hope made a light in the darkness.

That hope made you pick your head back up and hang on for another day..

That hope kept you living joyfully in the midst of pain and waiting..

That hope was a line to God of the universe and made you like minded with Him..

And that hope activated so much good in the heavenly realm.

This is what I landed on and God has been showing me:

Hope does not go to waste.

I believe hope is never wasted, even if you’re still waiting on God to answer prayers. You are never going to look back and say, “I wish I hoped less…”

Keep hoping with joyful expectations. Continue to be faithful to God with what He has for you right now in this season. That hope changes your heart for the better, even when your circumstances haven’t changed yet. And maybe, that is apart of the larger story God is creating. Within the waiting, He is changing you for the better. Trust me, I know it is hard waiting. But keep hanging on to your hope. Because at the end of that hope is your father in heaven, that loves you endlessly. Let His love carry you through the unknowns. The fruit of heaven is being cultivated in your weary spirit that will keep you going. One glimpse and feel of God’s presence and smile, is everything.

Trust His timing for that hope to brought to the next level, which is your answered prayer. If He is allowing you to go through it then trust Him. He is not trying to hurt you. It just means that he has a greater plan than you ever thought or can imagine ❤

Whatever voice or lies are in your head right now, remember:

Hope does not go to waste and God is always with you.


“God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble.”

-Psalm 46:1


All for Jesus,



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