It’s all about connection


So many times I walk into prayer seeking so much. 


Seeking answers. Seeking comfort. Seeking a fix to whatever issue I am facing big or small.


I think it is normal for us to seek Him for those answers and comfort for what we walk through in life. But something I don’t want to do or become is to just seek him for the things I “want” or need. I don’t want any part of my faith and relationship with God to turn into a grocery list. I don’t want him to have the same checkmark next to my other do list items each day. Time with him isn’t about checking that box or just going to him for purely selfish reasons. It is beyond any boundary or box. It is a sacred act being able to pray. It is a gift to have a relationship with the God of the universe.  And He wants us to come to Him with everything.


However, I have realized once I am talking to God and sitting in the presence of Him, the thing that consumes me is just awe. It’s pure connection


I hear him call me Daughter. I feel his smile. I feel His hand over me, truly caring about what I am facing. And it changes everything. Of course I want answers and signs and God winks. That is all a part of our faith. But the most amazing part of prayer for me is the connection with my loving, heavenly father.


I heard a pastor say on a podcast that we overthink prayer. We think we need to be so eloquent and have drawn out prayers to get God’s attention. But that is such a lie. All we need to do in a moment of anguish or overwhelm is simply say, “Jesus”. He said speaking the name that is above all names is more powerful than we all know. It is not all about seeking answers or getting answers. Prayer is about connection with God. 


And it really hit me when He said that. That is how I feel every time I walk away from time with God. Even if I didn’t have the words and it didn’t flow like I wanted, I always feel so amazed about how I feel when I am in the presence of God. When I truly feel him looking at me as his daughter and when I feel his compassion about what I’m going through. I do feel that peace that surpasses understanding. It’s amazing and I’ll never get enough of the presence and connection with God. 

That time with God is so precious and it is not because I am “supposed” to pray, but because I want to. I need God every second, whether it is a joyful time or a difficult time. I saw a Pinterest quote that said when we go to heaven, we will wish we spent more time in prayer with him, because we will finally see him and how amazing He is. So, I truly do not want that regret that I didn’t give enough to him. I want God to be a part of every part of my day and never stop communicating with him. That true and pure connection, means more to me than getting that answer I was seeking. That is a deep feeling to get to experience. I love that feeling of sitting with God. I love picturing He is sitting right there with me, holding my hand and we are just talking like best friends. It is so comforting and joy filled. I really believe that is what God wants the most. That connection and to hear our voice. As much as we want to hear his voice, he wants to hear ours. Isn’t that amazing and so cool?


I hope this encourages you and shatters the lie that you need eloquence to get God’s attention. He just wants to sit with you and for you to genuinely want that connection with him.


All for Jesus,


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  1. Love this Steph that is one of the best pieces of writing I have ever laid eyes on. We are always learning always getting better stands to reason that this is the best day ever and it can only get better. I speak to God regular and he has taken me from wanting to be switched off to wanting it to last for eternity x God bless you you deserve all the happiness this world has to offer x I will follow you and look forward to future posts.x

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