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From a worldly perspective and in our current culture, Jesus has untrue stigmas and opinions around his name. A lot of people think that He is cruel, a myth, all he does is judge everyone with a stink eye and His name is often used as a swear word, sadly. But all those cultural opinions are the farthest from the truth. Jesus is the most compassionate, kind, loving people person ever to walk the earth. Sometimes the things we walk through and even how people can treat us badly, we can fall into the wrong idea of how God is viewing us. I know personally I have fallen into the mindset that God is disappointed with me and he has other followers that never mess up. But I know that is a lie. If Jesus died for you, that is a pretty monumental thing. It is a love that most people are not familiar with. That unconditional, sacrificial kind of love, is the kind your father in heaven has for you. When I heard this song, it really made me feel at peace and secure in the love God has for me. I also feel like this is the perfect song to listen to if someone does not know much about Jesus, especially if they are believing the cultural lies around his name. This song shows exactly who He is and I don’t know who wouldn’t want a God like that. I hope this reminds you through the different emotions we can feel sometimes from making mistakes and not being perfect, that he will always be crazy about you.




He’s crazy about you

Didn’t wanna live without you

He traded the stars for a chance at your heart

Just to show you it’s true


I love the thought of God not wanting to live without us. He had a heart for humanity and still does. With all our sin and imperfection, He saw past that and saw the beauty in His creation still. He went as far as dying a painful, awful death to save your heart. He went to great lengths just to show His love for humanity is true. I love that. It really is so beautiful and amazing when you sit and just meditate on that for a few minutes.




He’s crazy about you

Died so you didn’t have to

Tore your failure apart

Now He wears your scars

That’s how much He loves you


I have always been a huge believer in love. But my perspective on love deepened even more in my life when I came to know God. He is love and we can learn so much from the highest love we have in this life through God. How to treat people and how to let it deepen our own relationships in our lives. The first time I heard these lyrics it made me feel so much joy to have God in my life. It made me feel that my mistakes and sins have been wiped clean and it was very freeing. The fact that he tore failure apart and wears my scars. That love is so powerful and when I heard it it made me feel like I wanted every person to hear this song that is wrapped up in the lies of who God is. To me, this is who He is. I first learned who Jesus really is through music like this song. It changed my life and I hope someone can feel that love when they hear this song.


Next Section:


He’s never been mad at you

He’s only been madly in love

And it’s never been about what you do

It’s always been about what He’s done

It’s something you just can’t hear enough


Oh, He’s crazy about you

Didn’t wanna live without you

He traded the stars for a chance at your heart

Just to show you it’s true

I feel like these lyrics shatter any lies anyone could have thought about God’s character. He is not mad at you but madly in love with you. What a beautiful truth that sets our hearts free in moments of guilt and shame. It isn’t about our mistakes but about what He has done on the cross that sets us free from condemnation. Just like everyday in our lives, we are faced with choices. Jesus did not have to walk to the cross for us, but He chose to because of love. So I hope you can really feel that love the next time you think or hear that God is only judgemental. Yes, he will justly judge people , but that love is rooted in every part of Him first.

Next Section:


He’s never held your past against you

He’s only held you close

He’d never give and take it back

You are the one He chose

And the more of Him you know

You’ll know


These are some powerful lyrics! Truly fitting because the love of Jesus is powerful! Our feelings and people can quite honestly tell us the opposite of these in our lives. 


Sometimes people see only the past version of who you are.


Some people do take back what they once promised you.


And everyone at one point in their lives has felt the sting and hurt of rejection. 


But God does not want us to feel that way. These lyrics truly can bring true freedom into your life because they are not just words but the truth of who God is. Jesus died to have a relationship with you. And if you have a skeptical heart because of experiences you have been through or just not knowing if Jesus is the real deal, I can tell you from my personal relationship with God, He is. “The more of him you know, you’ll know”. I have found these words to ring true in my life. The more you get to know Him through the word and He reveals more and more of himself to you in your day to day moments, you realize that His presence and love are so real. He is in every small detail in your life and works things together for pure goodness. Who God is brings so much peace and joy to our hearts in this life because we know that if someone degrades us or is not seeing us the right way, that person’s opinion or judgment does not matter. Because God’s opinion of you is all that matters. He chooses you everyday and His love for you will always be the greatest thing that matters.


Last section:


There’s not a moment you’re not on His mind

There’s no second guessing His sacrifice

He has paid it all ten million times over

He’s crazy about you (oh oh oh)


What Jesus has done for all of humanity is done. He paid the price of sin in full that day and no matter what life throws at you, you can rest in His love for you. It reminds me of the verse Hebrews 13:8  that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. His love will never change for you and there will never be any second guessing on His part that He loves and chooses you wholeheartedly. More than you can imagine. He is so crazy about you. I know I have said it a lot but his love is so freeing for me. It sets shame free from the past, it sets me free from what people’s limited perspectives on me are and it sets me free from the lies of the enemy. 


I hope you can feel His presence and immense love through Tauren Well’s song because it definitely made me feel peace through some hard circumstances I am walking through lately. And I hope you can feel that peace through whatever you are facing right now as well.


All for Jesus,



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