This is for you….

This is for any soul reading this that had a bad day, a bad week, a bad month or is going through a tough season in your life right now.
Whatever you are individually facing right now, know that you will get through this. You have more strength inside of you than you will ever know. When it feels like you can’t handle another day, you can. If life has been difficult to endure for awhile now, look how far you have come and you are still breathing , living and facing each day with bravery. Step back and stop being so hard on yourself. You have been doing the best you can and have so much light in your heart that God has placed there when you need it the most. Take that light and shine it on yourself because you deserve it.  Take that light and shine it on the path you are walking, it will guide you to more light and joy. That light in yourself is powerful. It can make a way where there seems to be no way. Keep moving forward with that light even when you are afraid of the unknown, because that unknown may seem scary but you can trust that unknown future to a magnificent God.
Even when you can’t feel it, God is walking right beside you holding your hand and directing your paths. Open your mind and heart to the heavenly realm. God is still in the miracle making business and is still sitting on His throne, with his hand on your life. When we don’t feel God or feel that He is silent during our difficult seasons of life, it is just an illusion. He is working behind the scenes , sorting everything out for you and putting beautiful blessings into motion in our path that we will stumble upon soon. God loves you and cares about the deep troubles you are facing because He too has walked treacherous roads. I know you don’t feel it now, but He has a divine purpose for your pain and someday it will come to light. Until then, Trust Him with all your heart and if you aren’t there yet, ask Him to take the parts of your heart that don’t please Him and ask to help you gain trust in Him. Keep praising Him in this storm.
I know it hurts and I know you work hard to do your best and put your best face on some days.  It’s good to be strong but don’t fight your difficult seasons in this life. Go with it. Grow through it. Take a deep breathe right now,  feel your heart beat, and know that if your heart is still beating, God has a purpose for you and for this life. It is precious and so beautiful. Surround yourself with all the things that make you happy. Read your bible as much as you can and fill up on Gods word.
Be present and do what’s best for you. I know the path has been bumpy but there is so much ahead and please don’t give up on that beautiful picture in your head of what you want this life to be. Because if it’s a desire in your heart, God put it there to fulfill it. He loves you and recognizes all you are. Maybe hard seasons are God’s pottery wheel for each of us. God is the potter and we are the masterpiece He is creating. He is just chipping away apart of us that we don’t need anymore and when that hard season ends,  it will reveal something, a new part of us, that we were always meant to become. God knows what he is doing and gives his toughest battles to his strongest soldiers. Keep fighting, keep loving and keep that light on in your soul.
I hope you know how valuable you are and how truly magnificent you are in the eyes of our God. When you feel you can’t go on another minute, just remember you already have all you need inside of yourself and imagine God sitting next to you smiling.  Because He is.
This is for you.
Love and light always,
Steph ❤
“Of course, it’s easy to trust God when the bush is burning, the waters are parting, and the mountains are shaking- it’s those silent years that are discouraging.
But Blessed is the person who does not interpret the silence of God as the indifference of God.”

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