I will praise you in this storm


Life is a series of triumphs and sorrows. We all go through and experience both.  The joyous times in life shows us life’s endless beauty and its those times that we feel on top of the world and we want to freeze that joyful moment and dwell there forever. When moments of sorrow occur and creep up on us, a lot of the time we just are wishing for those joyful moments to reappear, so we can feel happy and on top again. Unfortunately, sometimes those difficult moments can last longer than we want them to. We start to get sad, panic, and just are praying that we can make it through the next day or even next moment.

I have been through this sequence many times over. I have felt on top of the world, so content and happy, then other seasons I cant wait for them to end and am stuck in a sea of sad emotions. I still feel like this to this present day, but as I have been through this sequence a few times over and experienced different life moments, it has changed and evolved a bit for me.  I have learned to widen my perspective, pray with my whole heart and I know now that a person cannot grow into all God intends them to be with out a little rain in our lives.

I still have conversations with God today, that I sit there with tears in my eyes and ask, “God, why are you having me walk through this?” I do not always understand God’s plan for my life and the pain that I have walked through, but I have  learned that God would not have me walk through something without there being a purpose for it. That purpose may not be revealed to us right away in our lifetime, but I know eventually it will be revealed. And I know if you choose to walk with God and he dwells in your heart, He will bring purpose to your pain and full healing to it as well. In those difficult, unknown moments of my life, I pray “ God, I do not know why you are having me walk through this, but I will still praise you through this.”

Also, remember  what God has done in your life. He has brought you through before with loving hands and He will do it again. He  knows more than we know and He knows how to bring beauty from the ashes. I know some of you might be reading this and say well anyone can say that about God and sounds good just to say that, but how do you know that? But if you are willing to be bold with your faith and keep trusting God, I know He will show up in your life strong, If you only believe He will. God likes for us to pray bold, dream big, and declare His goodness. I believe with all my heart that He is smiling at us when we do those things and we stay strong in our faith. I can tell you I have had days I have doubted Gods goodness and one point of my life I turned my back on God, which makes me sad looking back, but even those times have strengthened my faith and God pursued my heart even when I turned my back on him.He is one amazing God who loves us more than we can fahtom in our earthly minds. Falling in love with Jesus has been the greatest highlight of my life. It has allowed me to learn how to deal with difficult seasons better, how to react to them and how to love the people in my life and that cross my path, deeper than I ever have before.

Going through sorrowful, difficult times in my life has made me appreciate the happy beautiful times and blessings in my life a thousand times more. I appreciate my joyful days and blessings I have been given just that much more and do not take one thing for granted because all that I have walked through. I am still a work in progress, I am still healing, I am still learning who God is and I am still a flawed, imperfect human, but I am thankful for everything God has done and is still doing in my life. People think that God is just sitting on His throne condemning us, but that could not be further from the truth. He is sitting in that jail cell with you, your bedroom, your car, you name it, HE is always there with you helping you get through. He is always present and rooting for our happiness. 

If you are going through a difficult time or situation, I would love to pray with you and for you. I also ask you to talk to Jesus. He wants to hear your troubles and help you through them. If you feel alone right now, reach out to Him and I know He will help you and come to your rescue. Just as He did for me and is still doing for me. 

“The sweetest time of the day is when you are talking to your Lord and savior, because you are talking to the one who loves you the most” ❤

Love and light always,


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