God winks..


God cares the most about our character.

I heard this from a well known Christian speaker and ever since I heard this, I feel in my heart that God has shown this to me more and more everyday.

It is truly amazing and surreal when you are open to God and when you keep God the center of your heart, how much He is present with you and shows up in your life on a daily basis. He is always present with us, but when you are open, keep constant communication with him and are keeping Him the center, His lessons are there in full light.

God molds us from the beginning with lessons through life experiences and little moments, that if we are paying attention, mean everything to our faith walk and journey though life, regarding who we are becoming in the image of Jesus. A few weeks back I had a God Wink. I like to call these  powerful moments that because they are a small moment, but small does not mean not powerful. My husband and I walk the same path very frequently and we always pass this one house. Every time we pass it , it interrupts whatever conversation we are in the middle of, and we always discuss how it is a creepy house and we get a different vibe about it because unlike all the other houses, the bushes cover and barricade the front of the house, the lawn mower is left in the middle of the lawn with only half the grass cut. The house is not kept up with like all the other houses. Knowing what God has shown me now about this house, the different vibe I got and the “odd ball” out, is not a bad thing to be in life, because I aspire to be different and not like everyone else and more like Jesus.

  We have been walking past this house for about three years now and we always talk about it in a negative way. Every time I do talk about it negatively , a little voice deep down always feels guilty when I talk about it, but I never changed how I talked about it. I was judging this house. It may not seem a big deal to most people to “ make Fun” of a house; a physical asset with a roof and things that aren’t living and breathing. Although, I forgot that inside that house, there are breathing lives, that I do not know and do not know what personal life struggles those people are dealing with. This did not cross my mind until three weeks ago when God opened up my mind and heart to this one lonely, broken house. Along the sidewalk, My husband and I turned around to walk back to the car to go home because I was getting thirsty and tired from the long day we had. From a distance, I saw a car  in the driveway of that house we always talk about. Another detail I failed to mention was, we never have seen the people that live there, ever.  So I know I was curious to see what they looked like and such. As we approached, I heard music, faintly. In the first couple seconds of hearing the music, I instantly knew the radio station they had on in the car was K Love, the christian radio station. It was a song I recognized because I listen to K Love daily. The lady that got out of the car, went to go retrieve their mail. She was an older lady, maybe in her fifties or sixties. K Love songs are all about Gods love, grace, faith, and most importantly, hope. When I heard the music drift and echo off the trees loudly, I felt a stirring inside of my heart. I felt God was showing me and reminding me to never judge a “book by its cover”.  I was making presumptions about this house for years, some words I am not proud that I have said. I believe it was not a coincidence that the time we turned around, the timing was perfect for when we approached the house, the lady I had never seen before and the house I judged harshly, I heard their car radio with K Love on, of a song speaking hope and life for anyone that hears it. God reminded me that day that, every house has a breathing soul living inside it, that are going through battles we know nothing about. Sometimes the walls of our house and rooms in our home are the only witness to our tears and pains. God reminded me gently and powerfully that day to step back and think about what I am saying and thinking about something that I know no knowledge of. God Cares about molding our heart and character with these  small moments. These small moments of God intervening are divine and lovely and significant in every way. Nothing is a coincidence in this life and God works in different ways and shapes every day of our lives. HE teaches us lessons that we need to open our hearts to listen to. I know some people will read this and say that was just a random moment with no significance. Although, I know my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ will know what I am talking about when I say I felt Gods presence there on that sidewalk in that powerful moment. God cares about mine and yours character too much to leave us as we are.

That moment humbled me and reminded me to always have an open heart for all in our path. We must listen, pray, and ask God to reveal more moments like this in the areas where we need to grow in Christ. I pray in this moment for every reader reading this, that God will show up in all your lives and you recognize His glorious power working in your lives. Have you had similar experiences like this in your walk of faith with God? I would love to hear those stories. I want this space to be about sharing, relating, and helping each other with any struggles we are facing. God has placed it on my heart to share more of my experiences and encounters with Him. My hopes are to glorify Jesus and to point people back to Him or to Him for the first time ever in ones life.  Apart of me is scared to share and be vulnerable. I could very well keep these moments and stories in my heart for only me, but I believe God is pushing me to share more and be vulnerable in my writing. It is not easy for me to do, but feel I am called to do this.  I am a writer, a dreamer, a believer, and a follower of Christ and am listening to Him always and following his command in hopes that it will reap harvest for one soul if anything. I thank you for taking time to read my posts and keep up with my following. I am very grateful for my path leading me to this and my dreams coming to light. As always, all thanks be to God.

Steph ❤

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  1. Wow, this is simply a huge eye opener! You beautifully shed light on this personal conviction, and it is definitely something we are all guilty of. So happy that you heard the voice of God in that very moment and that you are open to sharing that story even when you may be feeling a bit scared in doing so. I know this will speak to many hearts, because it definitely spoke to mine! Such a great reminder in that we are humans that make mistakes and say things we wish we hadn’t. And most importantly pointing it back to a big God who cares about us growing and not staying in how we once were. Great message. Thank you for sharing!


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