God places the dreams on your heart for a reason



Sometimes what we are meant to do is right in front of us. It is in us all along but we do not think that the one thing we love and the one thing that makes our heart beat a little stronger is our direct path. Until we get to the point where all other avenues exhaust themselves and we are left with who are. We take a long, hard look at what makes us happy and what we have a passion to pursue.

I have been down a few paths in my life that I thought were my life path. All three of those ended in disappointment, leaving me feeling defeated and sad. Although I still battle with those feelings from time to time, I have learned that a closed door is simply a redirection to the path that is really meant to be yours.

When I thought about what I had a passion for it was writing and Jesus. Recently, I felt God saying to me, “share your experiences I have made you walk through”. My path became clearer for the first time. I did not feel anxiety in that moment and what I wanted to do. After all, that is what writing has always done for me; gave me peace through the chaos of this life.

I have always loved writing and it started when I was in elementary school. I loved how certain words looked next to each other and how they connected to one another, in a flowing pattern. I love how those words on paper could lead to a story. A story with emotions and people, either created out of endless imagination or apart of my own world. I liked seeing words come alive with the intricate sentiment intertwined on the paper I had wrote. It started with not having enough paper they provided for me. It started with a blank sheet of paper and my thoughts. It started with all the good and all the sad. I started to unravel myself on pieces of paper and before I knew it I realized layers were apart of me that I had not known before and that I would not have known before  if it weren’t for putting pen to paper.  Being authentically real with yourself opens up this whole new world for myself and became my sanctuary. Writing is something I would always turn to if I needed to pray, write down emotions that I knew would only come out of myself if I released them onto a journal page. Writing was and is my own beautiful world where I could express myself without judgment or ridicule because it was all my own. Ideas, words, and time was infinite there. I guess that is why I never thought it would be my path because after all I was just writing with no intent to ever share it with anyone. I was writing because it was my first instinct  in all circumstances of life. I wrote without thinking I was doing it. I thought my journal pages were just for my eyes. This is where it gets vulnerable and real. I heard of various people saying that God gave them a dream or a command for them to do something and they do not understand why God is asking to do it. I believe God has a purpose for those divine commands and we as believers and followers of Christ, must learn to listen and do what He asks of us. It is not easy for me to share my experiences or personal moments with the world, but I remember the strong feeling and whisper of God saying, “share”. So, I am listening to Him and I pray that there is a grand purpose for all this, that glorifies Him.

To close this first blog post, I simply write to put together the millions of thoughts going on in my head and to make sense of the emotions I feel day to day. Without writing, I do not think I would feel who I’m supposed to be. Their would be no divine connection to the outer world and my dreams, thoughts, brokenness, wholeness and emotions would not ever make it out of my heart because it is hard for me to just talk about them. That is why I write. It is who I am and will always be. This is me.

So, if you have a dream in your heart that you do not think is possible or can happen, pray about it. God places those unique dreams on your heart for a reason. He will use them and you in indescribable ways, if you just believe. He wants to “wow you” with your life because He loves you very dearly. If you need prayer for those dreams to come to light or prayer for God to show you His purpose for your life, I would love to pray for you! See my contact info!

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts. I am grateful that you are starting this journey off with me!

Love and Light,


4 thoughts on “God places the dreams on your heart for a reason

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  1. Written beautifully and in truth. Definitely hits home, and I’m sure it will for countless others. Thank you for you vulnerability and sharing what’s so near and dear your heart. It’s so appreciated!


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