You are a Miracle

You are a miracle


Miracle. What a beautiful word that holds so much gravity and depth.

A miracle is not something that happens by chance but rather a remarkable or exceptional occurrence which brought an undeniable sense of the presence and power of who God is.

I think witnessing miracles and experiencing them personally, creates a deepened faith and they truly do show us who God is and the power and beauty that He holds.


We can experience miracles that leave us in awe and stop us in our tracks. Miracles we did not expect and makes us feel like the world around us has stopped.  We sit there in utter awe and realize in that one moment the power of Jesus and it opens the door to the heavenly realm. 

I have been fortunate and blessed to experience the miracle just described. 

They both were nothing short of wondrous, beautiful, and awe filled emotion.

Peering through heaven’s door just for a moment, is a feeling I’ll never be able to describe in words.

Getting to experience God’s goodness through these divine moments is truly a gift.


I have learned we get a glimpse of heaven through these miracle moments and also when God speaks to us. It truly is incredible. 

And it always blows my mind when I realize that the intense, beautiful power of God I feel is just a glimpse compared to what eternity and the power and love of Jesus wholly is.

But sometimes it is hard to always feel that feeling when this world can be overwhelming with trials. The world can take a hold of you and some days you have to fight to focus on what is above.

With all of that said, something has been on my heart lately that I feel someone needs to hear.

I feel there are a majority of people out there that if you ask them if they ever experienced a miracle, their answer is no.

But that is not the truth. 


I sometimes feel like we can put miracles on this huge pedestal, that only a small amount of people get to experience in life.

But that is so far from the truth, because miracles come in so many different sizes and packages and they are all extraordinary.

There are so many miracles that surround us. 

They are the flowers that grow back in the springtime, the birds chirping, and God answering that prayer you have waited on for years.

The truth is everything you see is a miracle because God created EVERYTHING.

And He called it good…very good! (Genesis 9-31)


It truly is about perspective and how you are viewing things in your life. When you view everyone and everything as a miracle from God, your perspective starts to change and you view life through a different lens.

I don’t know if anyone has ever said this to you but I’m here to tell you:

We all have experienced or witnessed a miracle because you are a miracle.

When a baby is born, everyone stands around in awe looking at that new baby and calling him or her a miracle.

A miracle for growing safely for 9 months, arriving safely into the world, and seeing how tiny and precious that new baby is, feels so surreal that they are here in the world now.

We view babies as miracles, so why does that stop when we continue to grow through childhood to adulthood?

As I was thinking about this question and really was trying to figure it out, this is what I landed on:

By the time we are adults, we have lived some life, most likely have been through experiences that could have hurt us and have relationships with people that do damage to us.

Thoughts and damaging experiences have an effect on a person no doubt. And I believe that is why most adults forget or simply cannot see the “little” miracles or view themselves as miracles anymore. 

You were once a baby, someone looking down at your little, angelic features, calling you a miracle and in awe of you.  And that grown person looking back at you in the mirror is STILL that miracle.

You are a walking miracle with so much purpose and worth intertwined in your DNA and soul.

God’s word tells us in Psalm 139, that he created your inmost being and knitted you together in your mothers womb. It goes on to say that you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

You were created by the King of heaven for a great purpose. You were created by love.

We get to view life through Jesus’s eyes and experience all the miracles that most people do not view as such.


I hope that if you haven’t, you begin to view yourself as a miracle and know that you are not here by chance, but here for a specific purpose and assignment given to you by God himself.

Do not let lies from the enemy or other people degrade your worth. 

God is for you and designed you for great things. You are a living, breathing miracle. 

I hope you let that sink in and believe it. 

I pray this encourages you and helps you find perspective on miracles.

All for Jesus,


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  1. Beautiful words and blog post! I look forward to reading your writings. I can always feel your passion through the words. Thank you, as always, for sharing what God placed on your heart! Blessings ♥️

    Liked by 1 person

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