God speaks to our Hearts through His word

God speaks through His word blog post



Scripture is powerful and it is essential to read, learn, and commit to memory.

But I feel the gravity of it can often be overlooked.

I am guilty of this in my past.


Having the word of God at our finger tips is such a sacred gift.

To hold the physical bible in our very hands, is beautiful.

Some people are not able to experience such a gift in their lifetime.

Maybe because they did not grow up in a christian home and know Jesus, or their country forbids them to.


As believers, we have a tool at our fingertips that can be used for so many purposes in our lives.

It takes time to mature in our faith and relationship with Jesus.

But we can go to God today in prayer and ask Him to grant us wisdom and guidance as we navigate studying the bible.

And I believe the more we open our bibles with open hearts, a hunger to learn more and desire to grow in our walks with Jesus, we are doing such a beautiful thing for our faith.


Time spent in the bible is never time wasted.

Even if we do not understand it totally or we do not feel completely connected that day to God.

Because when we open our bibles, I believe the devil flees from us because he knows the power in the pages and in one single. word. of. God.

There is a peace that lifts off the pages and enters our open hearts.

God is working through His very word. I believe He speaks to us the most through His word.

And that changes our hearts and our lives in a big way.

I know many will think, it is easy to say it changes your heart. It sounds like a cliche.

But, personally speaking, I have seen this to be so true.

Ever since really diving deep into my bible the past couple years, I have felt a shift in myself.

I have experienced how God speaks to us when we are reading His word and it has made my relationship with Him so much deeper and sweeter.

God works in so many different ways and when He speaks to us, He makes it so personal to us because it is about our relationship just with Him.

One person can read one verse in the bible and it does not speak to them and then you read it and it feels like the words lift off the page and you feel the holy spirit move your heart and speak directly to your spirit.

It is in those moments I feel like I am seen, known, and loved by Him. He takes His word and makes it come alive in my heart and makes it so personal to me and my life.

It makes me emotional every time because, I feel how much God loves and cares for me, that He is so intentional and detailed in His pursuit and communication with us.

God wants us to read His word because there is so much depth, wisdom, and so many lessons to learn.

It is by His word that we learn about Our savior. We cannot have a full, close relationship with Him, if we do not read His word because we will not know anything about Him. It is like any relationship you have here during your life. You learn about them and get to know them intimately. That is how a true, beautiful relationship is formed.

Most importantly, God’s word is ALIVE and is a blueprint for how we should navigate our life and current circumstances. We must speak God’s beautiful word over our current circumstances.

I know so many people feel hopeless and lost in their struggles and do not know where to turn, but we have the greatest hope we could ever have in this life, in Jesus.

And He gave us a tool that helps us have that comfort, hope, and direction during challenging times especially. 

I have found that the bible is not just for reading it and closing it each day, but actually speaking His word over my current struggles, gives God’s word a whole new meaning, I feel.

God’s word is meant to be used and spoken out loud. It is our armor for any thing that comes up in life.

Personally when I open the bible and meditate on one verse, I feel peace in the midst of my challenge I am facing.

That is proof right there, that God can provide you peace, when you are in chaotic circumstances in the world.

That is one of the biggest reasons why I am a believer in Jesus.

When I was going through an incredibly painful time in my life, I found hope/peace in Jesus and His word.

There is no other explanation to me, that all the pain I was feeling and all of sudden I felt a peace, a presence so strong, I cannot explain. It was a feeling that was not of this world.  That is proof that Jesus is working in us and pursuing our hearts.

When I feel like my circumstances are out of control and I let fear take over me, I open my bible, turn the pages and God takes over from there..

Like it says in Philippians 4:7, “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.” I have felt that peace that surpasses all understanding.

And when I sit in Gods presence and focus on Him, my anxiety melts away.

And what I have really realized in life is that our circumstances we are walking through, do not define us and they do not define our peace or joy.  Jesus does.

We must pray and even talk to God when we are reading the bible.

Ask God to reveal what He wants to reveal to you through your time reading, highlight verses that stand out to you, and memorize the scripture in front of you.

So when the enemy attacks your mind, because unfortunately He will, you will be ready.

You will be able to speak the living word of God over him and your hardships.


This is a simple, but so very significant way we can mature as believers and is a huge piece that many neglect but the act of opening your bible and spending time with God through His word, is life changing.

He will speak to you, give you peace when you need it, open your eyes to new perspectives/lessons, and strengthen your relationship with Him, through reading your bible.

He is a good, good God, that wants to have time with you and show you just how wonderful He is.


I hope this encourages your heart today and I pray that your desire keeps growing to spend time with Jesus in His word.


All for Jesus,




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  1. Your post truly encouraged my heart and blessed me more than I can say in words! Such amazing and powerful words you shared and I know this is God speaking through you. I hope that anyone reading this post would be encouraged to read their Bibles or get one if they don’t have one. Thank you for sharing the words placed in your heart ♥️

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