For Kobe and Gigi

Kobe and Gigi

I know the past few weeks have been a dark and difficult time for many, especially Kobe’s wife and family and the other passengers families on board the helicopter that sadly went down.

I know, personally, I have mourned the passing of Kobe and Gigi to the fullest.

My heart has been very heavy for his wife, Vanessa, and their other children.

I remember when I heard the news, my husband and I were sitting on the couch and he said out loud, ” Oh no….”

I said, ” What’s going on?”

He said, “Kobe Bryant was in a helicopter crash and passed away…”

My first reaction was denial.

I was like, no, that did not happen.

Then my next thoughts were wondering if he believed in God..and not being sure, I just hoped and prayed that he did.

Then finding out the next day that he was a man of faith, I felt a lot of peace.

But I still felt so awful about it all and that they were not here with their loved ones anymore, that Gigi never got to live her life out and dream out to play for UConn..

All these thoughts flooded my mind and just cried for many hours.

I honestly felt foolish shedding as many tears as I did because I did not know them personally and it felt like a family member to me dying..

But I believe that we are all connected.

God wants us to feel for others and pray for them during difficult times.

Being a child of God means we are all His and He wants us to be there for others and to care deeply for human kind.

Kobe had an amazing legacy and life and devoted his life to his amazing basketball career, his sweet family, and most importantly, to Jesus.

You can see in his eyes and his whole being that he was a man of God.

I know what has happened was and is a tragedy, but it gives me peace and I hope his family, more than anything, the beauty and hope of heaven.

Death is not an easy reality, especially when it comes to loved ones.

I have never dealt with death very well, even though I am a believer.

I believe in heaven so wholeheartedly, but it is odd to think that someone is here one minute on earth then gone the next…

But the only thing that gets us through tragedies like this is Jesus and the hope that He gives us that heaven is a real place and no pain or suffering is present there. What a beautiful gift.

Kobe’s family will reunite with them again someday and it will be a beautiful reunion, in the presence of God.

I mourned Kobe and Gigi’s death pretty hard and I still think of it often, but I feel and know they are in heaven, with God, experiencing a joy we will never be able to comprehend until it is our time to enter the kingdom of heaven, as well.

I felt like I needed to do something for Kobe and Gigi.

One night I was overwhelmed by sadness by it all and feeling deep empathy for his family, so, what I do in all times of confusion/sadness, I write.

So here is a poem I wrote for them:

You have inspired the world with your talent
But captured their hearts with your kindness

Your face so radiant, you were set apart
It was obvious that God dwelled in your heart

Your genuine smile says it all
Your face lit up when you held that orange ball

So many accomplishments in the world of sports
But your greatest was held in your wife and daughters eyes

They love you with an emotion that cannot be expressed
They will join you soon in Gods kingdom where all are blessed

Taken too soon, but will never be forgotten
Pain here undeniable , but joy above indescribable

May you dance with your daughter above
Shoot hoops together and feel Gods love

You have touched Not only your loved ones but strangers alike
That shows the man you were..

Let not this tragedy be how we remember you, but how you lived a life so true….

You’ve taken your final seat at the table,
I hope you enjoy heavens view…

For Kobe and GiGi 💛💜

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