Power in these pages



It is amazing what one message can do to change your faith, to change your perspective, and widen your knowledge.

Reading the bible is usually and should be a main part of a believer’s day to day routine. But for me, personally, I have not opened the bible much, let alone knew what the words in it did for ones soul. 

Because they are more than words. They are the truth, the way, and the life. I have always heard this “phrase” about Jesus, but it was not until recently I truly saw that and felt that. It is the Truth of what life is all about, which is honoring Jesus. It is the Way, because Jesus uses this magnificent tool to show us a way when we are lost. And it is Life. The bible speaks life into the broken, the lost, and the joyous. It truly can change a life and God can change lives in major and significant ways.

I always felt a little lost on where to start in the bible and how to apply it to my life. I have needed guidance on how to read the bible. I did not grow up with a bible and I did not know the amazing, biblical stories in those pages and the weight it held for all, and the power and light that poured out of it. I am a little ashamed that all of this did not dawn onto me until as of recently, as a believer, but I am so thankful God is working in my heart to press onto me to not be afraid of reading the bible and just open it and read it!  And I am so happy I listened to His voice. And I am ever growing in my faith walk and imperfect, just like all humans.

I started a bible study that I found online and it tells you the scriptures to read each day. I am excited to see what I learn in the next thirty days and how God will further transform my heart.  So, I read day 1 and the two scriptures it listed. After reading one paragraph, ONE paragraph, it already broadened my perspective in a major way, on our God and allowed me to see a glimpse into heaven. I sat there after reading it and I felt in awe. I read one paragraph of the bible. A total of about 10 sentences and I already felt like my heart grew with more knowledge of Jesus. I felt with this one story, that it held so much weight and significance. So, the rest of the entire bible has got to be filled with insightful wisdom and depth. It allowed me to see how God and the bible can truly change a person’s heart.

The paragraph I read was the parable of the lost sheep. I haven’t read many stories in the bible. I have heard of them but haven’t directly read them through the actual pages of the bible. To read them in my bible, in the quiet hours of the morning, made me realize why so many believers say to start their days with Jesus, in prayer, thanksgiving, and immersed into the bible. I started my day in peace and growing my faith. I can see how the bible is an essential tool for believers. I feel like even before I start reading, just having the bible open in front of me makes me feel centered. I can’t explain it but I  believe that is the Holy Spirit working and let me tell you, it is powerful!!

Back to the parable of the lost sheep: this parable starts with people surrounded and gathered around Jesus mocking Him that he welcomes, talks, and eats with sinners. He then turns to them and tells them that if someone has a 100 sheep but loses one, that person will leave the 99 and go find that one sheep. He then says that there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner that repents than over 99 righteous people who do not need to repent. It just hit me after I read this parable that, Jesus is such a loving and forgiving God. I know this and always have, but to see how He treated people during His life here on earth and how he is so quick to forgive us of our mistakes and sins. It just makes me so thankful to have a God in my life that loves me so much, that when I repent or anyone does, He forgives us in an instant and forgets it. He still loves us through everything.

By reading that one parable, it gave me a glimpse into heaven and what it must feel for Jesus when a sinner is saved here on earth.  I cannot fathom the joy He feels in His own heart.

I am drawn to the bible because of my love and faith in Jesus, but I feel it is so much more than that. When I am down or feeling a little lost as I navigate this life, I always want to lean into God more and more and always just want to have my bible in my sight, because it calms me down instantly. No matter what we are dealing with in life or walking through, at the end of the day, it is just a feeling or a circumstance. It does not define our life and does not mean it will not change for the better. Jesus is always walking with us and that is what He has promised us all in life. No matter how painful our circumstances can get or what silent battles we are fighting inside of ourselves, God is holding us everyday and has amazing plans. We can trust Him.

I have found so far in my bible readings, that parables in the bible are my favorite. They really teach profound lessons and can be applied to our lives and to help better our own characters so much more, and gives us glimpses into who Jesus was and is. It truly is amazing who God is and what He did for all us sinners. I challenge anyone reading this to sit in that amazing truth for a minute and what ever you are facing today will fade in comparison to who God is and the plans He has for you.

All for Jesus,


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  1. Wow, this was so encouraging to read! One of the best things about knowing Jesus in a personal way is that in every day and moment we spend with Him, we grow, we learn, and with that, our hearts are changed. When we want to know God and have that personal relationship with Him, it is then that we can see His power in our lives. And for you, you have seen the power of the Word and it has blessed your soul! It’s such a beautiful feeling. Thank you for sharing a glimpse of your world and for your very raw and personal stories. I appreciate them!

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