Who am I to judge?


I think we as human beings can get so wrapped up in being “right” and judging others so harshly on their decisions or life choices and I always wonder where that comes from. Why are we judging others so harshly when we are not perfect either ?

A sermon I listened to really hit my heart hard this morning. Everybody always says, “Well, we all judge. Humans like to judge others”.  Well…. I’m saying that’s not good enough as children of God. I agree we have all judged another in our lives but why do we settle with that mindset ? I think it all comes back to being right or we think our thinking is the end all be all or we live a more pure life than others we judge.

I think we can train our minds to NOT JUDGE ANOTHER HUMAN LIFE. When we recognize ourselves having judgmental thoughts, we should be aware and pray in that moment to our God to help our hearts be open and to take away that feeling of quickly making a conclusion about someone based on ONE action, thing they are wearing, or circumstance that happened.

Isn’t life hard enough already ? Why are we judging each other so harshly without even knowing the whole story or that person to begin with?? When I really think into judging, it blows my mind more and more ! If we think we are always right and do not need to understand more or do not think we can stretch and learn more, then we mine as well call ourselves God…which sounds really egotistical then, right ?

We should not judge people we do not even know because we have no idea what that individual is going through or battle they are facing. And why do we judge our family members? This one hits my heart really hard and deep. Isn’t family supposed to be loving at all times with each other and the support that never waivers for us??  I think we all need to be more gentle with our thoughts and our words against others, especially our loved ones. The sermon I listened to this morning also was saying how we need to have the thought with others that we are not always right and we must acknowledge that we could be wrong with our opinions and words and convictions about varying topics. If we believe we are always right, you are really only limiting yourself to hearing others out and understanding why others think the way they do. And sometimes you will  never meet eye to eye on a topic, but the God you stand under is the same. That unites us. Speak with love, in all circumstances.

I think that’s what God wants us to do as His children on earth. Learn. Stretch. Understand. Listen. Love each other deeply above all else. NO judgment. If you really lean into each of those words and make it a priority in your life, what a different world this life would be. I mean, that’s what God does for us, so why not emulate Christ and strive to love like Him.

I challenge everyone to do that. Choose Understanding , empathy and love over judgement. And when judgmental thoughts arise, pray in that exact moment for God to plant in your heart what He sees and to allow your holds on your heart to become open and understanding towards all human beings that you encounter. I think it is great to always re examine our own hearts and see where we can truly grow.

“Rather than being judgmental and critical of each other, May we have the pure love of Christ for our fellow travelers in this journey through life”.

Love and light ,


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