Peace in Confusion

steph car shot


When you are joyful and going through amazing seasons in your life, you feel like you are standing on the mountain tops. But life isn’t always like that.

We live in a world that measures our worth and success in a very narrow way.

It can leave us feeling like we never measure up, in a lot of areas of our lives.


To be transparent, I am going through a difficult season right now. I ask myself why I can look back on past seasons of deep confusion, hurt, and change and see the beauty but I can’t see it in this moment?

It scares me….

I ask myself why I am so confused and why do I not know where to go next?

Should I know?


Why do I feel this immense pressure and the need to have success right now!?

But then I thought, What if Jesus looks at me and measures my success differently than the world does?

What if He measures it by the depth of my love I give to others…

What if He measures it by how I keep up my home and every meal I plan for my hard working husband…

What if He measures my success by my hope and deep faith in what He is doing…

What if He measures it by my silent prayers that no one sees me pray each day…

What if He measures it by my dreams deep down in my heart that haven’t come to pass yet but my passion as I pursue those…

I believe Jesus does measure our “success” differently than the world does and even how ourselves do.

As I wrote this tonight, I instantly calmed down.

It’s as if Jesus spoke it through me and I wrote it.

It’s not the number of degrees we have, what our job title is, the car we drive, how much is in our bank account, or what people think of us that matter in this life.

It matters what Jesus thinks about us and how He loves us that matters. 

Thats all.

All other thoughts are an illusion to the truth.

I’m struggling tonight, with where I am and where society tells me I am supposed to be in life as a 27 year old.

But I know it’s ok. It’s ok to feel feelings that are hard and over whelming.

It makes you human.

It’s ok to be in a valley season, because Jesus is there.

And the most comforting feeling is that Jesus is sitting right next to me tonight..holding me and knowing He has a plan that is just for me that is more than I can imagine in this moment.

There is a peace in all the confusion.

And how I feel in this moment and season, does not define me and I am more than my current circumstances.

If you are enduring any kind of struggle or confusion right now in your life, know that God can and will use this season for your good. Even when we cannot see it ourselves, let Jesus be your guide and let Him determine your steps and worth.

Don’t look to the world or people that do not know Jesus intimately.

Let Him remind you who you are to Him and you will feel the most loved, adored, and blessed human if you run to Him first.

He knows every thought you battle with and has blessings with your name on it.

You were meant for so much more than you can possibly imagine.

If it is a struggle right now to see what is happening and where God is bringing you, just focus on Him and who He is. It will help bring peace and perspective, if we keep our eyes fixed on Him. We can rise above the worry, pain, and confusion that stays in our thoughts everyday and we can grow closer to Him and find true joy that is only found in Him and not have our circumstances control us anymore.

He provides freedom, love, and joy beyond what we can fathom.

Through the struggle, tears, and confusion there truly is a great plan waiting for you, that God put your name on it…

Trust in Jesus and keep believing you just haven’t seen God’s plans yet but it’s coming…


All for Jesus,







7 thoughts on “Peace in Confusion

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  1. Wow, this Is such a great read. It’s nice seeing that you were able to write on a topic that is sensitive to you and hits you deep. Well written and speaks to my heart! I appreciate the honestly that you write in your posts. Definitely something that many deal with especially in this generation.



  2. Thank you so much for writing this. This serves as such an important reminder to focus on Jesus when we are in the waiting. It’s so easy to get caught up in the standards of society and let that be what our lives revolve around, but that’s when we miss out on where God has placed us in this moment. It may be a trying season and one that leaves us with many questions, but it’s in those times that we must turn to God. We must put our focus solely on Him and trust that He knows what He is doing. He has a great plan for our lives.
    Thank you for sharing all of your posts. You’re amazing and God is truly using you to have an incredible impact on each person who comes across your blog.

    God Bless:)


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